Neolaia Cyprus

O John Oliver μιλά για το μεταναστευτικό – προσφυγικό!

Και σηκώνει πολλές ενστάσεις η άποψή του.

Οι περισσότερες συμπυκνώνονται στο εξής σχόλιο:

Very, very funny but two important things have been omitted: 1. The US is responsible for this tragic mess in the Middle East. The US and its rich allies from the Arabian Peninsula. You have done «Arab Spring» and now have «Arab winter». Several million people have no place to live because of your idiotic policy. 2. Europeans are not afraid of Muslims, but Islamists. Unfortunately – most Islamists grows among Muslims. And so the fear is growing. Muslims have been here for hundreds of years and everything was ok. Until the conversion of religion in political ideology and attempts to impose this ideology to others. We had the bombings of European cities, shooting, cutting heads, torching cars, intimidating, etc. Maybe for you, Americans, this is normal. For us it is not. And you don’t teach us how to treat immigrants because it’s you who refused ships with Jews fleeing Nazi Germany. It’s you who have built a wall on the border with Mexico and it’s you who have armed civilian militias shooting to Mexican refugees.